Saturday 17 February 2018

Cloudbusting: Watch a Boeing 777 create heart-shaped clouds as it lands

Love is in the air

An Emirates Boeing 777 creates spiralling cloud formations. Screengrab: YouTube/Flugsnug
An Emirates Boeing 777 creates spiralling cloud formations. Screengrab: YouTube/Flugsnug
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

An enchanting YouTube video has captured the moment an Emirates Boeing 777 "makes and busts" clouds on its approach to Birmingham International Airport.

"The sheer size of this plane means it virtually creates its own weather systems," says YouTube user Flugsnug, who captured the footage (below).

"One effect of this is the famous vortex which spirals off each wing and twists the clouds," the video description continues.

The Emirates Boeing 777-300ER is the same model that flies twice daily from Dublin Airport to Dubai. It has a wingspan of 64.8 metres.

The size of the aircraft means that its wings can create pressure differences, leading vortices to spin off, appearing as if they are shredding the clouds.

Another shot shows "the mountain of spray which the engine reverse thrust can throw up off a wet runway," Flugsnug adds.

"Science is an awesome thing, and so is this video," comments one YouTube user of a video that has been viewed over 170,000 times since it was posted this month.

A similar video, posted earlier this year by YouTube user Schipholhotspot, shows an Emirates A380 "cloud cutting" after take-off.

An additional video, captured in 2013, shows an Airbus A340 descending through fog into Zurich Airport at night.

The wingtip vortices create an almost aurora-like effect.

Not every aerial loveheart involves vortices, however.

This April, an Air Malta flight traced a heart into the skies using its jet trails to celebrate the wedding of Captain Charles Borg Giuliano, a pilot with the airline, and Julia Lynne Saliband, a member of its cabin crew.

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