Tuesday 12 December 2017

11 things flight attendants really hate about passengers

In-flight annoyances

Flight attendant with cabin crew and an airplane
Flight attendant with cabin crew and an airplane
Flight attendant fastening seat belt to boy for a safe trip
Portrait of female flight attendant

Soo Kim

Airline cabin crews have revealed their biggest in-flight bugbears, from being handed used nappies to passengers walking around barefoot.

The list of air travel irritations was published by Flight Attendant Career Connection, Huffington Post reports, a Facebook page for cabin crew members run by Abbie Unger. The following were named the most annoying things passengers are guilty of doing:

Taking forever to decide which drink you want

“You’ve seen me walking down the aisle with the drink cart for 20 minutes already.” - Facebook user Corinne Spring

Leaving trash in the seatback pocket

“We walk through doing a garbage pickup every 10 minutes!” - Facebook user Valerie Reiter Kennebeck

Keeping your headphones on while you order a drink

“You are screaming at me.” - Facebook user Kimberly Lupo

Walking around the plane barefoot

“Ewww!” - Facebook user Amber Nicole

Poking me or tugging my dress

“A simple 'Excuse me' will get my attention." - Facebook user Abbie Unger

Flight attendant, deposit photos.jpg
Portrait of female flight attendant

Uh-oh, here they come... Photo: Deposit

Getting up to use the bathroom right before landing

“You've had HOURS to do so.” - Facebook user Joey DiGregorio

Handing me tissues, toothpicks or used baby diapers

“There is a barf bag into which you can dispose of anything and then place it into the plastic bag as we walk through the cabin.” - Facebook user Lynn E Miller

Commenting on “how small the plane is”

“I fly regional, so of course it’s small. This is a 30-minute flight!” - Facebook user Gina Andrade

Hanging out in the galley

“Do I come to your office to do yoga and hang around?!” - Facebook user Nia Monet

Whining about a tight connection when the current flight is on time

“Just stop booking such tight connections!” - Facebook user Diana Hadley

Asking to borrow a pen for customs forms

“I DON’T have an unlimited supply in my pocket, and no I won’t give you one A) because it’s my favorite and B) because I’m required to have it on me at all times.” - Facebook user Lorisa Maxwell


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