Friday 26 April 2019

10 stocking fillers for savvy travellers

Christmas gifts for travel fans

Wallpaper* City Guides - from €9.95
Wallpaper* City Guides - from €9.95
A retro passport cover from
The Ostrich Pillow - yours for €80.
The knee defender airline seat device
Selfie stick
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

Stuck on pressie ideas for the travel junkie in your life? Here are 10 to get you started, starting from less than a fiver...

€9.95: Wallpaper* Guide: Dublin

Wallpaper* does a deliciously designed series of city guides. If you can't afford a city break, why not use one to re-discover your own back yard?

$21.95/€17.60: A Knee Defender

Is your favourite traveller tall? Does (s)he engage in legroom wars? The Knee Defender shot to prominence when it played a role in the grounding of a US plane this year, and it's yours for less than €20 (plus postage).

€25: Vouchers

Our first voucher option, giving the recipient the pick of 700 hotels and guesthouses around the country. Blue book vouchers start at €100, but these can be had for as little as €25.

€4.95: A nifty passport cover

passport cover.png
A retro passport cover from

PassportCoverSkyGirl has a range of cheap designs available on - with prices (excluding postage) kicking off from as little as €4.95.

€27: A Selfie Stick

It's the must-have travelling accessory for 2015, dontcha know. Selfie sticks give you an extra stretch at amazing locations, and Littlewoods has them from €27.

€50: Sunway Gift Vouchers

Sunway's gift vouchers start from €50, an amount you can set against its range of holidays all over the world. Nice way to kick-start January.

€50: Trident Holiday Homes Christmas Voucher

Trident has some 500 self-catering holiday homes on its books around Ireland, and it's offering an extra €50 on top of the value of a seasonal gift voucher. Spend €100, and you get €150. Spend €200 and you get €250. 

€80: An Ostrich Pillow

ostrich pillow.png
The Ostrich Pillow - yours for €80.

No, seriously. You won't worry about how you look, because you can't see anyone looking at you, and you'll be fast asleep anyway.

€9.99: Spotify premium

Ok, €9.99 will only buy you one month's subscription, but that's enough to get anyone started. Spotify's music service allows you to download playlists for use offline - perfect for tuning out at 35,000 feet.

€100: A Blue Book Gift voucher

A stay in one of Ireland's historic hotels and country houses may be beyond you, but gift vouchers can be had from €100 upwards... not a bad stocking filler.

PS: Georgina Campbell's Retro Christmas Recipe Cards

With a title like that, who could resist?

GC's A5 cards celebrate traditional Christmas food, packs of dive start from €12.50, and 10pc of profits go to Temple Street Children's Hospital.

NB: Prices subject to change/availability. Postage may apply.

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