Tuesday 16 January 2018

10 most annoying Facebook holiday posts

Wish you were here?

A woman use a selfie stick in Santa Barbara, California. Photo: Moment Editorial/Getty Images
A woman use a selfie stick in Santa Barbara, California. Photo: Moment Editorial/Getty Images
Ok, we're jealous. Happy now?
Friends taking a selfie in Rome

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Wish you were here? Erm, not if it means spending time with someone who persists in posting cringey holiday photos, thanks.

According to a survey from Topdeck Travel, the most popular (and hence, most annoying) posts made by holidaymakers on Facebook and social media are as follows:

  1. Me on the beach
  2. My hotel room
  3. My hotel pool
  4. Friends on the beach
  5. Me being adventurous
  6. Me eating dinner
  7. Me with an animal
  8. Anything proving I am in a foreign country
  9. Photo looking out of the airplane window
  10. Friends doing something adventurous

Topdeck provides holidays for 18-30-year-old travellers, and conducted its survey to mark the upcoming launch of its Snapchat travel show ‘Topdeck Snaps’.

41pc of respondents admitted to broadcasting their holiday as soon as they book them.

Ok, we're jealous. Happy now?

Ok, we're jealous. Happy now?

“We know young people want to stay connected while away, but even we were surprised that they can spend more time sharing their experiences via social media as talking to the people they have travelled with," said Hazel McGuire, a spokesperson for the company.

"However, while staying connected is great, we encourage our customers make the most of their free time. It’s all about the experience of travel with new cultures, food and people to meet."

What do you think is the most annoying holiday boast?

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