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World's newest cat cafe offers cappuccino and cuddles for less than €10


Photo: Instagram/ @baristacatscafe

Photo: Instagram/ @baristacatscafe

Photo: Instagram/ @baristacatscafe

Irish travellers in New Zealand who are missing their pets at Christmas might be interested in this.

The world's latest cat café has opened in Auckland this week, and for NZ$15 cat lovers can enjoy a hot drink and a cuddle with the café's resident cats.

BaristaCats café, on Queen Street in the heart of Auckland’s CBD, has a number of furry residents for you to make friends with.

Taking pride in their cosy “catmosphere”, the café houses little furry characters like Lady Molly Snuggleton, also known as Snuggles, and a dozen other cats.

Cat cafes first started in Asia but have since spreading around the world - from New York to Berlin, according to founder Julia Whitehead.

"It's a wee bit mad but I think, and I hope, it's the right kind of mad," she told New Zealand news website stuff.co.nz.

"Everyone deserves a bit of animal love in their life and it's harder and harder for people to have that in a really urban city like Auckland."

"Sometimes you have a really hard day and what you need is a little bit of fluff," she told the website.

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