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Watch: Video captured in just 12 minutes in Magaluf shows tourists bloodied, vomiting and engaging in sexual acts in the ocean


A new video investigation captured on the streets of holiday hotspot Magaluf have proven that anti-social restriction laws put into place in the town this summer have had little influence on messy holiday makers visiting the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Footage captured by Sunday Life in the holiday hotspot shows tourists bloodied after fights, vomiting, and engaging in sexual acts in the ocean and on the street.

The video, which was captured in just 12 minutes, comes after an Armagh woman hit the headlines last year when she publicly performed sex acts on 24 men in return for a cocktail.

The town’s locals are plagued by the volume of antisocial behaviour hitting the town each peak season and new restrictions were put into place this year to crack down on the binge-holidaying and disruption to the area.

Tourists found naked or urinating on the street are now liable for fines ranging from €750 to €3,000, but the video reveals that these rules are not being enforced in the party hub.

Additional police officers and CCTV have also been introduced to the Punta Ballena strip.

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