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Ten top tips to save money on your holiday

1. Book your hotel two to four weeks in advance using a website that offers secret hotels, for example hotwire.com, hotels.com or lastminute.com and you could save up to 50pc. Hotels around the world use secret hotel websites to sell rooms that would otherwise remain unsold. You don’t know exactly where you will be staying but there are guaranteed standards and a list of amenities.

2. First there was flash dance, then there were flash mobs and now there are flash sales where goods are offered at massive discounts for a limited period. Check out a daily deals website like grabone.ie

3. Millions of holidaymakers will have far cheaper mobile phone bills after European ministers agreed to the new EU roaming regulation to place price caps on “rip-off” mobile data roaming charges. From next month calls will cost a maximum of 29 cents a minute and 8 cents a minute to receive with internet access costing 70 cents per MB. These charges will continue to fall until 2014 when calls will cost 19 cents per minute and internet will cost 20 cents per MB.

4. Book a flight and travel midweek for cut price flights. Often airlines make promotions available during the week but then pull them before most people search at the weekends.

5. Sign up for Travelzoo and get a weekly email on a Wednesday with top deals available online. Travelzoo searches for the best deals and summarises them in a weekly roundup.

6. Book you train journey in advance for discounts not available on the day of travel.

7. Consider 4 and 5 star hotels – they are more affordable than you think and most are offering promotions to encourage visitors in the recession.

8. How about a home swap? Check out homeexchange.com or lovehomeswap.com or swaplocation.com for their offers.

9. Check out what fees are levied on your credit or debit card when you withdraw money from an overseas ATM. Alternatively take out an international pre-paid card that has minimum charges. It also helps you to control holiday spending.

10. Book a refundable hotel or car hire first and keep checking prices close to your departure date. If you spot a cheaper price cancel the refundable one and book the discounted one.