Tuesday 20 March 2018

Skerries makes the top 10 list of beautiful European cities

Skerries Harbour
Skerries Harbour

Paul Healy

A Seaside town in north Dublin wouldn't normally be named among some of the greatest cities of the world.

But picturesque Skerries has been listed as one of the most beautiful.

Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona and Amsterdam all feature in the top ten of one tourism website's list of the "Europe's most beautiful cities".

Skerries also makes the cut - albeit with author Auburn Scallon conceding it's a village.

"With moss-covered rocks surrounding fishing boats bobbing in the water, Skerries gives visitors a glimpse of beauty of serenity", she writes on the Eating Europe Tours website.

It features articles from people who have travelled all over Europe, giving reviews of the best locations to visit.

The website is dedicated to "giving people a taste of Europe they won't soon forget by exposing them to real food, people and neighbourhoods".

On Skerries, Ms Scallon recommends that visitors watch the sun set over the harbour and stay out at the White Cottages.

The village also boasts some of north Dublin's finest beaches as well as a string of popular restaurants and bars.

It's best-known tourist attraction is Skerries Mills, a structure that dates back to the 12th Century.

The Mills' owner Ray Hunt wasn't surprised that his village was on the list saying that his business alone sees more than 107,000 visitors a year.

"We are busy all the time down here. It's so different to everywhere else, it's a beautiful place", he said.

"No matter where you look you are surrounded by the sea, it has everything".


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