Tuesday 16 July 2019

Ryanair: Priority a 'standalone' product no longer included with extra-legroom seats

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Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Passengers board a Ryanair passenger plane. Photo by Ulrich Baumgarrten via Getty Images
Frankfurt-Hahn Airport. Passengers board a Ryanair passenger plane. Photo by Ulrich Baumgarrten via Getty Images
Kenny Jacobs of Ryanair
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

Ryanair passengers who pay to reserve front row and exit-aisle seats no longer receive Priority Boarding as part of their purchase.

"We amended our seating structure last year, whereby Priority Boarding is now only a standalone product," the airline has confirmed to Independent.ie Travel.

The move means that the cost of booking both extra-legroom seats and Priority Boarding has effectively been raised by €5.

"The change was made as part of our rebranded Plus products, which were widely communicated," says Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair's Chief Marketing Officer. 

Reserved seating charges on Ryanair flights generally range from €2 to €17, though they can be as much as €21 on its longer routes.

The move preceded the rollout of Ryanair's new baggage policy, which asks 'non-priority' customers to check larger, 10kg carry-on bags into the hold.

Kenny Jacobs of Ryanair
Kenny Jacobs of Ryanair

Since January 15, only customers who pay the €5 Priority Boarding fee (including Plus, Flexi Plus & Family Plus) may bring two carry-on bags onto the aircraft.

"Non-priority" customers, including those who have paid to reserve seats, must surrender their 10kg cabin bags to be checked into the hold for free.

These customers may still carry one smaller piece of hand luggage on board, as long as it fits beneath the seat in front of them.

Ryanair has also confirmed that it will sell Priority Boarding for a maximum of 110 seats out of the 189 available on its planes.

Nor does it rule out raising the price of the perk in future.

"We can't guarantee that [the Priority Boarding fee] will not change," Jacobs said. "But we have no plans to amend this."

Its new baggage policy has been going smoothly, Ryanair adds.

“Since we announced this new policy, we have had a positive reaction from our customers and airport staff," the airline told Independent.ie Travel.

"This new policy is fair and is already speeding up the boarding process and eliminating the risk of Ryanair flights being delayed because of too many bags being brought on board.”

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