Wednesday 23 January 2019

Ryanair passengers delayed by 10 hours as 'no engineer to change tyre on plane'

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A Ryanair flight from London to Cork was delayed for over 10 hours as there was no engineer available to change a tyre on the plane.

Flight FR9853 was due to arrive in Cork from Gatwick Airport shortly after 1pm on Monday - but passengers did not land until 11.45pm that night.

An engineer had to be flown in from another airport to change the tyre after a nail became stuck in it.

Speaking to Cork's 96FM, disgruntled passenger Elaine Buckley said while nobody wants to travel on an unsafe plane, she felt there was a lot of miscommunication.

“We were told according to a text message by Ryanair to go back to the gate at 3.45pm. And then it came up on the screen in the main departures lounge at about 3.15 – boarding at gate 22, proceed to gate.

"If you hadn’t seen that on the board people would have waited until the time on the text message."

Passengers then boarded the flight and were on the plane for around 20 minutes before the captain announced there was "a nail in the front wheel of the plane".

“Obviously no one wants to fly on an aircraft that’s unsafe. So we sat on the plane for about another hour when they assessed the situation,” she said.

Passengers then had to get off the plane again and head back to the terminal.

“It was the complete lack of information. We were just waiting around, no official Ryanair staff came to meet us.”

A Ryanair spokesman said customers were regularly updated by text message and email.

“This flight from London Gatwick to Cork (11 June) was delayed ahead of take-off due to the late arrival of the inbound aircraft, which experienced a minor technical issue. Customers were regularly updated by SMS text message and email and provided with refreshment vouchers, before boarding the aircraft.

"However, due to a technical issue with the tyre, the departure was delayed. Customers disembarked, were provided with another set of refreshment vouchers and were again updated regularly by SMS text message and email.

"To minimise delay, an engineer was sent from London Stansted airport, who cleared the fault, returned the aircraft to service and the aircraft departed to Cork. Ryanair sincerely apologised to all customers affected by this delay.”

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