Thursday 22 August 2019

Ryanair launches new 'healthier' menu, but which items do passengers order most often?

Ryanair's new menu launch
Ryanair's new menu launch
Two pages from Ryanair's new 'Getaway Cafe' menu
British Airways' new food range
Clodagh McKenna designed a range of in-flight meals for Aer Lingus.
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

Taking off? Hungry? Ryanair has just launched a "healthier" in-flight menu.

The new menu for its 'Getaway Café', the name given to its onboard food and drinks service, is published in the airline's latest in-flight magazine.

It offers "a wide range of delicious" food, snacks and drinks along with "some tempting new healthier additions, including Fulfil Nutrition bars," the airline says.

And the price for staying healthy at 30,000 feet? Fulfil bars cost €3, a ratatouille is priced at €6, and a pack of olives will set you back €1.50.

Despite the handful of healthy additions, however, the menu also includes a familiar line-up of paninis, sambos, super noodles, snack packs and treats.

Ryanair's top sellers?

Two pages from Ryanair's new 'Getaway Cafe' menu
Two pages from Ryanair's new 'Getaway Cafe' menu

"Our freshly brewed Lavazza coffee, Boxerchips and our world famous ham and cheese paninis," the airline told Travel.

Dining out on those three favourites will set you back €3 (coffee), €2.50 (Boxerchips) and €5.50 for the "world famous" paninis.

Mile-high menus: Whats' cooking?

Short-haul in-flight menus aren't exactly Michelin Star territory, but airlines have upped their game in the years since they started charging for snacks.

British Airways partnered with Marks & Spencer for its 'M&S on board' offering, for example, while Aer Lingus teamed up with Clodagh McKenna for its 'Bia' revamp.

Ryanair has long prided itself on its 12oz fresh Italian Lavazza coffee, now complemented by a smaller, 8oz 'Intenso' brew on the revamped menu.

Clodagh McKenna designed a range of in-flight meals for Aer Lingus.
Clodagh McKenna designed a range of in-flight meals for Aer Lingus.

Both it and Aer Lingus charge €3 for teas and coffees, €3 for 500ml bottles of water and €6 for 187ml bottles of red and white wine.

While Ryanair's Fulfil bars and Boxerchips are Irish products, Aer Lingus plays a little more with local provenance - 'Bia' is dotted with brands ranging from Barry's Tea and Franciscan Well beers (€5.50) to Tayto crisps (€1.50) and Ballymaloe Relish. 

The pride of its fleet is an 'Irish breakfast' featuring sausages, bacon, hash browns, tomato, pudding, brown bread, butter, marmalade, OJ and a hot drink for €10. It's a firm favourite with regular customers.

Ryanair also offers several meal deals, however, with a panini or sandwich bundled together with water/hot drink and crisps for the same price.

Fancy an All-Day Breakfast Burrito? The Ryanair wrap, stuffed with "tasty bacon, onion, potato and egg" will set you back €5.50.

You can browse Ryanair's menu here and Aer Lingus's 'Bia' here.

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