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Revealed: The cheapest destination to fly to from Ireland in 2017


Altea Playa del Albir, Alicante. Photo: Deposit

Altea Playa del Albir, Alicante. Photo: Deposit

Altea Playa del Albir, Alicante. Photo: Deposit

A travel search site claims to have pinpointed the cheapest travel destination to fly to from Irish airports this year.

Alicante is "the bargain of 2017", according to research by kayak.ie, with a median price of €158 for return flights.

For long-haul trips, Cape Town ranks as the site's most inexpensive destination, with return flights coming in a median price of €550 this year.

The analysis is based on searches and clicks on kayak.ie from all airports in Ireland for 2017, it says. Flight prices rise and fall depending on dates and demand, of course, but overall, Alicante and Cape Town came up trumps.

KAYAK is a travel search site that has recently launched an Irish iteration, and is keen to make inroads into the market here.

As part of a promotional push, it's taken a deep dive into Irish booking data, with several sweet spots identified in other areas too.


Cape Town: Table mountain sunset

Cape Town: Table mountain sunset

Saving money on flights

Irish travellers can save up to 56pc on flights to Europe and internationally by booking their airfares at the right time, according to kayak.ie.

Booking six months ahead will secure the best savings on flights to Barcelona and Faro, for example, while the sweet spot for London and New York is two months out. Las Vegas flights are cheapest to book five months ahead, apparently.

Saving money on hotels

Book three or four-star hotels at the right time and you could save up to 61pc on your accommodation bill, the site claims.

When it comes to Barcelona, for example, booking a hotel one month in advance can result in savings of up to 53pc. For Amsterdam, it's 37pc.

In the US, New York offers potential savings of 47pc for reservations made a month ahead of time, with Orlando reduced by 38pc a month out.

"The research shows that often, those who are happy to leave their bookings until later can secure the best deals," says Suzanne Perry of KAYAK.

This isn't always the case, however. Savings for Dubai came in highest when rooms were booked nine months ahead, for instance.

Price comparison websites

Kayak, a subsidiary of travel giant The Priceline Group, offers searches for flights, hotels, car hire and package holidays - with a range of tools and gizmos on its app including hotel heat maps, price alerts and flight trackers.

It's not the only search site competing for your attention, of course - skyscanner.ie and google.ie/flights are just two others worth a look.

Shop around, as the ancient wisdom goes.

Oh, and enjoy Alicante.

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