Tuesday 20 March 2018

Prayers, pedicures and plane-patting... Irish airport rituals uncovered

Two new surveys reveal our pre-flight shenanigans.

Waiting for take-off.
Waiting for take-off.
Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

71pc of Irish people visit a beautician before their holiday. 14pc say a prayer before take-off and 2pc pat the plane. That's according to two new surveys of Irish holidaymakers.

The first survey to explore Irish pre-flight rituals, undertaken by Hotels.com, asked a sample of 180 Irish people about the extent to which they primped and preened themselves before take-off. Here are some of the results:

71pc: Visit a hairdresser and beautician before a holiday.

€110-€150: Average spend on pre-holiday preening.

26pc: Apply fake tan before hitting the beach.

Four fifths (80pc) of Irish women wear make-up on holiday, the survey found, with the majority (37pc) only applying it for nights. 6pc admit to wearing make-up all day, every day.

But what about our behaviour at the airport?

A separate, nationwide survey of 870 people by lastminute.ie found the rituals ramped up even further before take-off. According to the survey:

52pc: Buy a newspaper, book or magazine before boarding.

18pc: Enjoy an alcoholic drink.

14pc: Say a prayer.

5pc: Aim to be first to board the plane.

4pc: Take a sedative.

2pc: Pat the outside of the plane.

2pc: Carry a lucky charm on board.

1pc: Book the same seat number every time they fly.

Have you got any pre-flight rituals or superstitions? Let us know!

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