Tuesday 23 January 2018

Polish flight grounded because of over-60 pilots

Matthew Day

A POLISH airlines flight from London to Warsaw was grounded after a routine inspection found that both pilots were too old.

Inspectors from the British Civil Aviation Authority found that the LOT pilots were over 60, in contravention of international air regulations that forbid both members of a flight crew to be 60 or over.

The 70 Warsaw-bound passengers had to wait five hours while a reserve pilot was flown from the Polish capital to Heathrow.

“LOT knows the rules and strictly adheres to them,” the Polish airline said in a statement. “But in this case there was an unfortunate coincidence. The crew roster was completed shortly before the aircraft left Warsaw, and the crew scheduling system did not issue a warning that both pilots were over 60, which it always does.”

In 2006 the International Civil Aviation Authority ruled that a pilot 60 or older has to be paired with a pilot under 60 after it extended the maximum age of a pilot by five years to 65.

LOT said that it provided passengers with free food and drink to compensate them for the delay. Flight LO281/282, which had been due to leave at 10:35 eventually took off for Poland at 15:45.


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