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Sunday 21 July 2019

Passengers to pick up costs of US preclearance at airports


The US pre-clearance facility in Dublin Airport
The US pre-clearance facility in Dublin Airport
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

Airline passengers could be hit with increased charges from the expansion of US preclearance facilities in Dublin and Shannon airports.

The Cabinet signed off on a memo paving the way to vastly increase the size of facilities at the two airports. It will mean an expansion of operations and the introduction of more US border officials.

The cost will be borne by airlines, but the Government expects this will be passed on to passengers.

A Department of Transport spokesperson said: "The amount charged to airlines arising from these costs will be a matter for the airports.

"For Dublin Airport, the extra cost when spread over the 1.4 million passengers who used the preclearance facilities in 2017 does not equate to a substantial extra charge per passenger."

A source said the increased charges will be "cents rather than euros".

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