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New Aer Lingus bag drop reduces check-in to minutes 'or even seconds'


Aer Lingus Express Bag Drop, Dublin Airport

Aer Lingus Express Bag Drop, Dublin Airport

Aer Lingus Express Bag Drop, Dublin Airport

Aer Lingus is promising to make lengthy check-in queues "a thing of the past" with more than 40 new Express Bag Drop stations at Dublin Airport.

The self-service stations, which were installed and paid for by daa, will "revolutionise" the check-in experience for customers, the airline says.

"In a matter of minutes or even seconds, guests can complete the check-in process, deposit their bag and proceed swiftly towards departures," it adds.

Express Bag Drop services are available to passengers who check-in in advance online or at the self-service check-in consoles in Terminal 2.

They have been piloted at the terminal for several weeks.

daa has also installed new Ryanair self-service bag drop facilities in Terminal 1. The €2 million investment, across both terminals, is one of several the airport has made in recent months and years to improve the passenger experience.

Ryanair has also introduced self-service bag drop facilities at London Stansted, though it has yet to officially announce or expand the facilities.

“The installation project has been the largest single installation in Western Europe," said Mike Rutter, Aer Lingus's Chief Operating Officer, who urged passengers to check-in in advance "so they can experience this time-saving, stress-busting service."

The services see customers weigh their own bags, scan boarding cards (print or mobile), attach the printed tags and place their luggage on the belt in a fairly intuitive, step-by-step process. Staff are on hand to assist passengers.

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User feedback has been positive, Aer Lingus says.

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