Sunday 22 April 2018

It's a crazy, crazy world

Here is our top five laws from around the world. They're so stupid they should be made illegal.

1 Dirty Driving

It is illegal in Moscow to drive a dirty car. Those found guilty can face a fine of $100, even though 'how dirty is dirty' is actually not defined. One can only presume sales of white cars have plummeted.

2 Spending Too Many Pennies

In Canada, it is strangely illegal to buy something using more than 25 pennies at a time.

Also, it's illegal to pay just in nickels if an item is over $5 and to pay for something over $10 using just dimes.

Go figure.

3 Naked Mannequin Law Exposed

A law in England bizarrely bans boys aged under 10 from looking at naked mannequins. The weird old law is one of hundreds of outdated entries in the UK's statute book.

Another one dating back centuries states it is legal to shoot a Welsh man with a bow and arrow inside the city walls. But sadly, only after midnight.

4 No Kissing Please

In England and France it is forbidden to kiss while standing on a train platform.

In fact, when Warrington Bank Quay in Cheshire was recently refurbished it was kitted out with 'no kissing' signs.

The law is apparently to stop over-enthusiastic lovers causing train delays, even though there is no formal penalty.

5 Don't Jump!

The prize for most wonderfully weird and pointless law has to go to New York.

Yup, the maximum penalty for jumping off a building is -- wait for it -- the death penalty.

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