Wednesday 24 January 2018

Irish woman is proposed to on a flight from Cork to Lanzarote: ‘I’m going to kill you’

The man proposed on an Aerlingus flight to Lanzarote from Cork
The man proposed on an Aerlingus flight to Lanzarote from Cork
The happy Irish man proposed on a flight from Cork to Lanzarote
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Choosing the perfect moment to ask someone to marry you can be tough, but for one Irish fellow an Aer lingus flight was the place to make the magic happen.

The bride-to-be was shocked when her boyfriend called her up to the front of the aircraft on the plane’s speaker system after the flight had taken off from Cork airport last week.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

Posted by Aer Lingus on Wednesday, 24 June 2015

“I was going to do this in October but I can’t wait that long,” he said before getting down on one knee.

“I just want to ask you will you actually marry me?”

The shocked bride accepted his mile-high proposal as the jam-packed plane of holiday-makers burst into applause.

“I’m going to kill you,” she laughed.

The ear-popping proposal was arranged weeks in advance by the eager groom ahead of the couple’s holiday to the Canary Island.

A bouquet and a bottle of champagne were arranged for the happy future bride for the remainder of her journey to Lanzarote.

A spokesperson for Aer Lingus said: “During the flight the man gestured to a cabin crew member that he was ready to pop the question and did so via the PA system on board. To the delight of the passengers and his girlfriend said yes and a rapturous applause erupted.

“On behalf of Aer Lingus we wish the couple every happiness and look forward to welcoming them on board  again soon when they make their return journey back to Cork.”

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