Sunday 21 January 2018

Ireland’s most unromantic places revealed ahead of St Valentine’s Day

There’s not much love on the horizon in these romantic black spots.

Thomond Bridge, King John's Castle, River Shannon, Limerick
Thomond Bridge, King John's Castle, River Shannon, Limerick
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

It’s not good news for residents of Limerick ahead of Valentine’s Day. The county has been rated as Ireland’s least romantic.

Despite playing home to popular wedding spot Adare, Limerick falls short when it comes to attracting loved up Irish couples.

Research conducted by revealed that Limerick destinations are the country’s most undesirable when booking a romantic weekend away.

Counties Leitrim and Longford followed as romantic black spots, with Dublin rating fourth on the Irish love barometer.

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The research also revealed that one in ten sneaky Irish lovers dish out a fake name at hotel reception, with 27pc of those booking in with someone they shouldn’t be.

More than 14pc of  Irish people have booked a hotel at the last minute in anticipation of a unexpected encounter, the research also revealed.

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Meanwhile, Galway has been revealed as the country’s most romantic place for Irish couples on Valentine’s Day followed closely by Kerry, Cork and Kilkenny.

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