Monday 23 April 2018

In-flight ‘weepie alerts’ planned for sad movies on Virgin

Peter Woodman

Sir Richard Branson's airline Virgin Atlantic is to put "weep warnings" on tearjerker film shown on flights.

The movies Water With Elephants and Just Go With It will be the first to carry the warning signs which will flash up at the start advising passengers that the film is a weepy.

The move follows a recent survey for the airline which showed that 55% agreed their emotions became heightened on a flight.

As many as 41% of men polled said they hid under blankets to hide their tears, while women said they were most likely to pretend they had something in their eye.

People from Wolverhampton were the most emotionally sensitive, with those from Gloucester least likely to join the "mile high blub club", Virgin said.

The films Virgin passengers found most emotionally moving were Toy Story 3, The Blind Side and Eat Pray Love.

Meanwhile, Virgin and other carriers have lost out to budget company easyJet as the airline serving the best white wine in a tasting test commissioned by flight comparison site Skyscanner.

EasyJet's Louis Mondeville Cotes de Gascogne took first place.

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