Thursday 23 January 2020

Hordes of tourists lurk outside for a peek at 50 Shades of Grey apartment

Jamie Doran plays Christian Grey in the upcoming film

Patricia Murphy

The owner of an apartment which was used in the filming of upcoming release 50 Shades of Grey has been inundated with requests worthy of the raunchy book.

Fans of the popular trilogy have begged for the opportunity to stay in the €4.6m Seattle penthouse where the fictional love affair between the now infamous Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel will play out on the big screen.

Despite the absence of the red room and helipad depicted in the series, women are still trying to sneak inside the exclusive Escala apartments and tourists often are seen taking selfies outside.

Erick Mehr, the apartment’s real estate broker, said that the women interested in getting a piece of the action range in age from 19 to 50.

"Our silly phone calls have spiked again where people want to rent the room," Mehr told CNNMoney.
Jamie Doran plays Christian Grey in the upcoming film

"I don't think they realize that this is a condominium building that residents live in and there is no red room."

Security at Escala has been dramatically increased since cast members Jamie Doran and Dakota Johnson began filming the first instalment of the series.

Yet residents are far from cursing author E.L. James as the book’s success has caused the properties to soar in value by up to 75pc.


Despite the horde of fans stalking the building, a trip in the elevator without the gorgeous Jamie Doran just doesn’t seem as appealing.

Continuing to ogle the trailer, however, seems the appropriate thing to do until next Valentine's Day.

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