Saturday 21 April 2018

Holiday essentials cheaper on arrival

Breda Heffernan

FROM sunglasses to Speedos, it pays for Irish holidaymakers to forget their toothbrush when travelling abroad this summer.

A new survey has placed Ireland as the fourth most expensive country in which to stock a suitcase with a range of holiday essentials.

Surprisingly, Turkey, which has a reputation as a low-cost destination, was found to be the most expensive country, costing just over €925 to purchase a basket of 16 products. But this may have been skewed by the inclusion of a standard adult passport, which costs an eye-watering €391.48 in Turkey compared to €80 in Ireland.

Australia came second in the Visa Europe Suitcase Index, where the basket cost €759, followed by France at €725 and Ireland at €718.

And in good news for those Irish sunseekers hoping to avoid airlines' excess luggage charges, it pays for them to pack light and purchase their holiday basics when they reach a host of popular hotspots such as Spain, Italy, Greece, the United States and the Caribbean.

The cheapest country in which to stock a suitcase was India at €547, while Portugal, a popular destination for the travelling Irish, came in as the second cheapest at €626.


The survey reveals that it is possible to bag a bargain while abroad. A toothbrush costs just 62c in the Czech Republic, compared to €3.99 in Ireland, while a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that cost €143 at home will only set you back €25.95 in Turkey.

For those happy to flaunt their stuff on the beach, Italy was the most expensive place to buy a pair of Speedos at €36.63, while the same posing pouch costs just €7.19 in Bulgaria or €16.12 in Ireland.

Those heading stateside this summer would be well advised to stock up on their sunscreen before boarding the plane, with 100ml of Piz Buin sun lotion costing €27.69 there, compared to a more wallet-friendly €12.50 at home. And while it has a reputation as a high-end holiday destination, the Caribbean was the best place to buy sunscreen costing just €3.87.

But Ireland emerged as the favourite among readers as it offered the best value when it came to buying books. It was the cheapest place to buy a paperback copy of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' at €8.29 as opposed to €23.68 in Bulgaria.

Ireland was also the best place to buy a Lonely Planet travel guide at €15.50, compared to €55.14 in the Caribbean.

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