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Game on! Aer Lingus and Air New Zealand are having a Twitter war, and it's hilarious


Photo: Twitter.com/FlyAirNZ

Photo: Twitter.com/FlyAirNZ

Photo: Twitter.com/FlyAirNZ

Ireland and the All Blacks have yet to clash in Dublin, but the teams' airlines have already kicked off online.

The Twitter tit-for-tat began Wednesday, when Air New Zealand laid down an #AirlineChallenge to its Irish counterpart.

Aer Lingus quickly struck back, tweeting that Ireland's historic 40-29 win in Chicago had nothing to do with luck "and everything to do with good prep".

That's when things got colourful.

Air New Zealand tweeted a boarding pass featuring All-Blacks captain Kieran Read as passenger. Aer Lingus replied with a pass for Ireland coach, Joe Schmidt.

After photo-shopping each other's tickets, the airlines got to work on their in-flight magazines (below), working up dummy covers for Cara and Kia Ora.

"Let's think bigger," Aer Lingus tweeted, raising the stakes still further with an offer to cut the grass at Auckland Airport... with a shamrock motif.

Air New Zealand replied with a fern.

Ireland take on the All Blacks in the second game of their November series at the Aviva Stadium tomorrow (Saturday, November 19) at 5.30pm.

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