From 'Blood Orange' to 'Bright White': New Aer Lingus mood lighting to minimise jet lag

A new palette of customised LED lighting could add comfort to the flying experience, Aer Lingus says

Aer Lingus Cabin crew member Grainne O'Callaghan, Captain Colette Evans and Katie Quinn.

Photo: Aer Lingus

thumbnail: Aer Lingus Cabin crew member Grainne O'Callaghan, Captain Colette Evans and Katie Quinn.
thumbnail: Photo: Aer Lingus
Pól Ó Conghaile

Goodbye garish lights and simple dimmings. Hello 'Blood Orange', Dim Lavender, 'Teal Green' and 'Strong Blue'.

The delivery of its new A321LR 'neo' aircraft may be delayed, but Aer Lingus is keeping its mood up with a bespoke new customised lighting set-up.

The LED lighting aims to improve in-flight ambiance and "minimise the effects of jet-lag" by subtly shifting with each phase of a journey, it says.

‘Strong Blue’, ‘Bright White’ and 'Blood Orange' (see full list below) are among the curated light settings chosen with passenger wellbeing in mind.

"The result is Aer Lingus guests will now arrive to their destination more energised than ever," the airline promises.

Lighting has become a conspicuous point of distinction between budget carriers and more premium airlines in recent years, with both Airbus and Boeing offering various cabin palette options based on LED technologies.

Aer Lingus's system was developed in partnership with UK-based Cobalt Aerospace, which specialises in aircraft cabin and interior design products.

25 of its 66 aircraft have already been fitted with the experience-enhancing lighting, with the remainder to be fitted during standard maintenance checks.

It follows the launch of a new brand, logo and livery, which will be rolled out across its fleet by 2021. New uniforms designed by Louise Kennedy are also due this year.

Cabin Colours: Aer Lingus's Options

Aer Lingus's new livery and logo. Pic: Aer Lingus

Bright White

This "modernised" white light is to be used as the standard light setting for interior aircraft cleaning and maintenance by staff, Aer Lingus says.

Strong Blue

A cool, strong shade of blue is the ideal tone for creating a calming environment on both long and short-haul routes, the airline adds, "as the blue light effect helps passengers to feel energised and at ease for boarding and disembarkation".

Dim Lavender

"This purple spectrum emits purple tones, which are the ideal setting to create a cool and calming cabin environment, acting as the perfect backdrop to enhance passenger experience during the flight," Aer Lingus says.

Blood Orange

Available on A330 aircraft only, the deep sunset colour was developed to mimic the setting summer sun "to prepare long-haul guests for landing with an outpouring of light". It will activate between 90 and 60 minutes before landing.

Teal green

Available on A320s only, the dominant Aer Lingus logo colour reflects "the sleek and contemporary feel of the Aer Lingus brand", it says.

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