Monday 11 December 2017

Five things you need to know if you booked a holiday with Lowcostholidays

Father and his two sons on the beach together
Father and his two sons on the beach together
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

If you’ve booked a holiday with the recently bust UK travel agents Lowcostholidays you’re probably wondering what to do now.

According to the CEO of the Irish Travel Agents Association Pat Dawson and the Director of legal affairs for the Commission for Aviation Regulation David Hoddnet here are the five things you need to know.

1. Refunds

If you booked your flights and accommodation with Lowcostholidays you can get a full refund by filling out a claim form at which will be available later on today.

2. Still to go on holiday?

People who are yet to travel with Lowcostholidays should contact them to see if their booking will still be honoured or make a claim to the commission for a refund of money paid to date to Lowcostholidays.

3. On your holiday now?

People currently abroad who’ve booked and paid for holidays with Lowcostholidays as their travel agent and they find they have to pay for a second time for accommodation they’ve already paid for via Lowcostholidays should also claim for re-imbursement from the Aviation Regulation.

4. Commission bond

The commission bond only covers customers that booked overseas accommodation and travel with It does not cover customers that used other travel agencies like Lowcostbeds that allows people to book the accommodation only abroad. People in this situation should try cancelling the payment through their credit card companies or looking into their travel insurances.

5. Speed of refund

Speed of a refund from the Commission for Aviation Regulation depends on the time it takes for people to get all the evidence of their booking together (receipts etc.) and that they can expect to have their money bank in the next few weeks or months.

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