Monday 22 January 2018

Family holiday in tatters after Expedia cancels booking with ‘f*** you’ email

'I thought it was a joke'

An airplane in flight. Photo: Deposit
An airplane in flight. Photo: Deposit

Gavin Haines

Travel booking website Expedia has come under fire after a customer’s booking was allegedly cancelled with an email reading: “f*** you!”

Cara Viramontes, a teacher from California, saw the message when she went online to check the itinerary for her family holiday, which she had booked for herself, her partner and eight-month-old baby.

“I thought it was a joke,” she told CBS LA. “Everyone I show, their first reaction is they laugh they think it’s a joke. Nobody can believe that a company as credible as Expedia would ever do something like this.”

Viramontes claims the saga started when she called Expedia to complain about them charging her for travel insurance for her eight month son – even though he doesn’t need a plane ticket.

'I thought it was a joke,' Viramontes said of the email. Credit: Facebook
'I thought it was a joke,' Viramontes said of the email. Credit: Facebook

The customer services representative wasn’t particularly helpful, claims Viramontes, so when Expedia sent her an online survey asking about her experience she answered it candidly.

“I was honest,” she explained. “I said ‘do you know what, the lady wasn’t helpful – I asked to speak with the supervisor and she wouldn’t let me’.”

Two days later Viramontes said the explicit email arrived in her inbox, which, to add insult to injury, told her the trip had been cancelled.

Viramontes then claims to have called customers services again – only to be told by a representative that it was her fault the reservation had been cancelled.

What’s more, Viramontes says Expedia refused to refund the more than $600/€547 she paid for her plane tickets – and told her she would have to stump up an additional $200/€182 to rebook.

Expedia initially failed to respond to Viramontes’ complaint, she claims, but the company has since issued a statement.

“We take this matter very seriously and have opened up an investigation analyzing every click and action made by our customer service agents,” said a spokesperson for the booking site.

Expedia also added that it would rebook Viramontes’ flights, refund her the money and give her a $500 (€456) voucher.

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