Europe to get new Legoland theme park and possible hotel

The park, expected to be bigger than Legoland Windsor, is expected to open in 2027

Legoland Windosor

Lamiat Sabin©

The pieces are coming together for Europe’s fifth Legloand theme park, which is to be built in Belgium.

Four parks already stand in Denmark, Germany, Italy and the UK.

On Tuesday, August 30, Merlin Entertainments Group signed a letter of intent with the Belgian authorities for the plans to construct the new park, expected to be Legoland’s seventh worldwide.

The company plans to build the theme park on a disused industrial site in Gosselies, near Charleroi Airport, about an hour’s train journey south of Brussels.

A Ninjago-themed room at Legoland Billund. PA Photo/Legoland.

The site was used for the building of heavy construction machinery by the global firm Caterpillar.

A 70-hectare park is expected to open in 2027 and will be bigger than the 61-hectare resort in Windsor, just outside London, if the plan encounters no blocks.

In Charleroi, a further 20 hectares are being set aside for any future extensions or developments.

The newest park would be within easy reach for Lego fans in Ireland, with Ryanair direct flights to Charleroi from Dublin. Aer Lingus flies to Brussels Airport, about an hour away.

There is also a direct Eurostar service from London to Brussels, and direct flights from UK airports such as Edinburgh, Liverpool, and Manchester – to Charleroi Airport.

The project is expected to cost about €400m/€463m and is likely to have an on-site hotel.

It’s believed that the new site could be the missing piece for Lego fans living in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

John Jakobsen, Merlin’s chief operating officer for Legoland Resorts Group, described the new park as “another exciting ‘building block’ laid for bringing a potential Legoland Resort to the many Lego fans across Wallonia, Benelux and Northern France.”

Willy Borsus, Walloon minister of the economy, said that its hoped that the new park would create about 1,000 new jobs in the region and “rehabilitate our industrial wastelands.”

Legoland Billund, in Denmark, was the first to open in 1968. Legoland Windsor followed in 1996, Legoland Günzburg in Germany in 2002, and Legoland Water Park in Gardaland, Italy, in 2021.

In the US, Legoland Florida has been open since 2011 and another park opened last year in New York.

Duplo Express ride at Legoland Billund. PA Photo/Warren Chrismas.