Sunday 25 March 2018

Escape the Olympic madness – Discover Ireland’s appeal to Londoners

DISCOVER Ireland has come up with an amusing new viral marketing video, appealing to Londoner’s to ‘escape the madness’ and visit Ireland while the Olympics are taking place in the city.

The video sees two Londoners race – one to get to his office in central London, while the other must make it to Ireland in the same time.

The viral video, posted yesterday on Discover Ireland’s YouTube account, has already amassed nearly 30,000 views.

A guest appearance is also made by Irish actor and Bridemaids’ star Chris O’Dowd, who attempts to sabotage the office going Londoner in a lift.

It’s not the only challenge to Office goer faces, including getting a face full of arm pit on the tube and trying to navigate London’s streets by taxi.

The Londoner on his way to Waterford also faces a more Irish challenge, as his taxi is held up by a herd of sheep.

Bridesmaids’ star Chris O’Dowd tweeted a link to the video to his 160,000 followers on Twitter yesterday, saying : “Summer in London. Roadworks. Tube sardine cans. Pesky tourists being pesky. What is one to do? Oh, I know!”

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