Saturday 17 March 2018

EasyJet cabin crew 'flung down plane' after lightning strike

The plane was struck minutes before landing today.


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An easyJet flight carrying 154 passengers was forced to make an emergency landing today when one of its planes was struck by lightning just minutes before landing.

Passengers travelling from Bristol to Barcelona were left “screaming and crying” after the bolt struck the Airbus A319-111 with a “massive” bang as it flew over Barcelona, causing it to shake.

Flight EZY6025 was then diverted and landed at Spain's Reus Airport, landing at 10.30am. Passengers are being escorted to Barcelona by bus.

Traveller Izzy Ferris, 19, said: "We were just flying over Barcelona and this storm came out of nowhere.

"We were hit by lightning, it was absolutely terrifying. There was a massive loud bang and a lot of flashing.

"Everyone is fine but a lot of the women were screaming and crying and the cabin crew were flung down the plane."

El-Prat airport is believed to be closed currently, with other flights being diverted to Reus.

An easyJet spokesperson said the flight was diverted to Reus airport due to thunder storms at Barcelona.

"Upon arrival at Reus, the aircraft was hit by lightning. The aircraft is equipped to safely withstand lightning and at no point was the safety of the flight, passengers or crew onboard compromised.

"Passengers disembarked as normal and will continue their onward journey to Barcelona by road. We apologise for any inconvenience experienced."

A full inspection of the aircraft is due to take place.


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