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Disney announces €105k ‘private jet adventure’ trip to all 12 theme parks

Guests will also have the opportunity to stay at the Summit Skywalker Ranch


Once in a lifetime: A trip to Disneyland Paris

Once in a lifetime: A trip to Disneyland Paris

Once in a lifetime: A trip to Disneyland Paris

Disney’s latest travel offering is an extravagant, round-the-world trip to all 12 of its theme parks that comes with a hefty price tag.

The entertainment giant this week announced that it would fly 75 super fans to its 12 Disney resorts around the world – from California and Florida to Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo – in July 2023 for a 24-day trip worth $110,000 (€105,349)

According to the Disney website, the itinerary for “Disney Parks Around The World – A Private Jet Adventure” also includes stops at destinations which do not have a Disney resort, with planned tours of the Agra’s Taj Mahal in India, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Guests who sign up for this “dream vacation” will also have the “rare opportunity” to stay at the Summit Skywalker Ranch outside San Francisco.

Founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas, the 130,000 square foot luxurious ranch also houses Skywalker Vineyards, a movie theatre and an art gallery.

“Plus, you’ll travel in luxury via a VIP-configured Boeing 757, operated by Icelandair, with long-range capabilities that allows for direct flights to maximise your time in each destination,” the brochure reads.

The $110,000 per-person cost is based on double occupancy sharing. Solo guests will have to bear a surcharge of nearly $11,000 (€10,534).

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The prices do not include airfare to Los Angeles, where the trip begins, and from Orlando, or the last stop.

The minimum age for the trip is 12, and there are no discounts on children’s ticket prices.

Booking for the general public begins later this month; find out more here.

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