Friday 19 January 2018

Create your own in-flight meal

A Latvian low-cost airline has unveiled a novel new food ordering system that allows customers to choose every aspect of their in-flight meal when they book their seat.

Air Baltic’s online innovation gives passengers 20 food and drink options, including hot dishes, sides, bread and wine. They are then invited to drag and drop their preferred items on to a virtual tray, with their chosen meal served to them during the flight.

Provisional options include fish souvlaki, teriyaki salmon, grilled pork or chicken breast, served with one of three salads and one of three types of bread. Hot meals are priced from seven to 12 euros (£6-10), salads from five to eight euros (£4.25-7.75), while bread costs one euro (0.85p). Nutritional information is provided, and vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free and lactose-free options are also available.

The system – devised by the company InflightFeed – is expected to be up and running in May. Customers must pre-order their meals at least 24 hours before departure – those who forget will be served a meal, but not given a choice of food.

“With passengers now being able to create their own inflight meal the possibilities are endless, they can fully customise their inflight meal tray to their liking,” said Janis Vanags vice president of corporate communications at Air Baltic.

The airline is based in the Latvian capital, Riga, and was founded in 1995. It currently has a fleet of 28 aircraft and operates flights from Gatwick to 34 destinations, including Copenhagen, Helsinki, Istanbul, Kiev, Moscow, Oslo, St Petersburg, Stockholm, Tallinn and Warsaw.

Oliver Smith

Online Editors

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