Thursday 18 July 2019

Confirmed: World's largest passenger plane set to land in Dublin

Emirates A380

Emirates A380. Photo: Deposit
Emirates A380. Photo: Deposit
Emirates' revamped A380 lounge
Emirates' revamped A380 onboard lounge
Airbus A380 (Image: Twitter)

Laura Larkin & Pól Ó Conghaile

The world's largest passenger aircraft will visit Dublin Airport for the first time this month, it has been confirmed.

An Emirates A380, a double-decker with its own cocktail lounge and 'Shower Spas', will land at the airport at the end of March.

"Emirates can confirm that an A380 aircraft on its way to Dubai will visit Dublin at the end of March," the airline told Travel.

The visit will mark the airline's fifth anniversary in Ireland.

In recent days, Emirates Ireland boss Enda Corneille had aviation geeks in a flutter as he tweeted pictures of an A380 captioned 'March 26' (below).

The date and time of arrival have yet to be confirmed, however.

Emirates is the largest global operator of the iconic Airbus plane, with 93 A380s currently in service on various routes.

When or if an A380 could fly regularly to Dublin is a question that has titillated travel fans and industry-watchers for years.

Recently, Corneille hinted to The Sunday Independent that its arrival on the airline's Dublin to Dubai service would be "a natural progression".

"We have a lot of aircraft coming down the track, and if Dublin continues to perform as well as it's performing it's going to be one of the candidates for deployment of the A380," he said.

Emirates' revamped A380 lounge
Emirates' revamped A380 lounge

Today, Emirates poured a little cold water on that prospect.

"The Dublin visit does not herald any announcements in relation to an Emirates A380 service on the Dublin to Dubai route," it said.

For plane-spotters, the upcoming visit offers a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the gigantic aircraft landing and taking off.

As well as its dramatic, double-decker design, Emirates A380s feature Shower Spas, lie-flat business class beds and onboard lounges centred around horseshoe-shaped bars. An upgrade of the lounges is due this year.

Inspired by private yacht cabins, new seating arrangements will have table and window views, accommodating up to 26 passengers at a time.

Soundproof curtains will also partition the lounge from cabins.

This will be the first time the world's biggest passenger plane has visited Dublin - although the aircraft have previously landed at Shannon.

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