Thursday 20 June 2019

'Are we there yet?' - Kids take just 27 minutes to get bored on car journeys

Children in Automobile
Children in Automobile

WITH millions setting off on late Summer holidays, an independent study reveals that it takes on average just 27 minutes for children to get bored on long car journeys.

Of the nine countries surveyed, children in Australia get bored the quickest at 23 minutes - but the UK is close behind in second place at 24 minutes.

Children from Spain, Italy, Holland, America, France and Germany are all more patient than British kids.

The research by sat nav firm TomTom suggests that the average holiday car journey lasts around five hours, so children will start to misbehave long before the first service-station stop.

With so much time spent in the car, mums are resourceful at keeping the kids amused. Nearly three quarters (74%) make up games, 52% offer treats and rewards, and 24% admitted that they lie about the estimated time of arrival to make the journey seem shorter.

Whilst 60% of mums said that "being together as a family" is the best part of a family trip, they also found it could be stressful. 41% thought that being in the car with their children is far more stressful than the office, and 36% said they are likely to argue with their partner during the journey.

Average time for children aged 2-8 years old to get bored on a long car journey:

Australia 23 minutes

UK 24 minutes

Spain 25 minutes

Italy 26 minutes

Netherlands 27 minutes

US 30 minutes

France 30 minutes

Germany 31 minutes

New Zealand 34 minutes

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