Saturday 24 March 2018

A real life fawlty towers – Hotel owner puts guests in wife’s bedroom

One of Mr Davies' hotels
One of Mr Davies' hotels reporters

A HOTEL owner in England, who has been dubbed a real life Basil Fawlty, has been fined and ordered to pay compensation to former guests.

Emyr Davies admitted to 12 offences of using unfair commercial practices. He had claimed on one of his hotel’s websites that the building had been newly refurbished, however the court was told that the wallpaper was peeling and the floor tiles lifting.

He had claimed when questioned by police over the advert that his native language was Welsh and he did not know what ‘newly refurbished’ meant.

The court also heard that when rooms were overbooked it was practice to sleep guests in his wife’s bedroom, which still contained her personal belongings.

Mr Davies also claimed he held stars from the tourist group ‘Visit Wales’, however a subsequent investigation revealed he was not authorised to use them.

One guest on travel website tripadvisor wrote of one of Mr Davis’ hotels: “this is not a hotel. it is a collection of grubby rooms and filthy bathrooms with broken showers. the bar consists of 1 bar tap at a counter beside reception and reception is a shelf”.

Another vegetarian guest posted to the site about after she had asked for mushrooms: “Ten minutes later there was no sign of her so we finished our food and went to go upstairs”.

“As we walked past the kitchen door I could see the waitress peering round the door to see if we'd gone. She obviously didn't want to deal with my request so she was hiding. I found that quite bizarre”, she continued.

Another complained: “We had no cutlery, and when we asked for some the waitress didn’t seem to know what cutlery was. We then asked for knives and forks, but she brought two knives and a spoon”.

Mr Davies was fined £8,400(€10,750) and ordered to pay £2,200(€2,820) compensation to his guests.

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