Sunday 17 November 2019

The global village: Sarah Jessica relaxes in Ibiza

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

Anna Coogan

SATC star Sarah Jessica Parker recently became the latest celebrity to choose Ibiza as her holiday destination. She joined the likes of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Orlando Bloom, who have already been spotted on the beaches of the Balearic island, considered to be one of the trendiest sun spots on the planet.

The island has 18 kilometres of natural sandy beaches, and the majority of the beaches offer visitors the chance to do all kinds of water and outdoor sports.

And there are many ways to get to know this beautiful island even better - you can enjoy the coastal scenery by taking a boat trip, or see the island from the air by going up and away in a hot-air balloon, or if you want to travel inland to see the marvellous natural beauty of the island, you can always take a train trip.

The island is known for its relaxing vibe, and many of the hotels have spa facilities.

And, of course, Ibiza, is also a clubber's paradise.

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