Monday 22 January 2018

Surf's up for Portuguese boot camp

Get surfing in Portuguese boot camp
Get surfing in Portuguese boot camp

THE health benefits of surfing include cardiovascular fitness from all the paddling, not to mention shoulder and back strength, and, of course, being out in the great outdoors is a terrific outlet for stress and tension. has come up with the brilliant idea of a boot camp to get surfers fighting fit for a summer of catching the waves.

The intermediate level boot camp is geared at those who have been surfing for a while, and yet want to get to the next level quickly. It will be led by Portuguese big wave pro surfer Miguel Ruivo.

Based at the newly launched Chill In Surf House in Ericeira in Portugal, it runs from May 10 to May 17 – and costs €560 for the week.

Chill In Surf House is located in the heart of picturesque Ericeira, and its guest quarters have really funky rooms with cool designs which are bound to appeal to younger guests.

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