Tuesday 12 December 2017

Craic mighty on the ski slopes of Switzerland


OVER the mid-term, I went on a skiing trip to Switzerland with the Drogheda Grammar School.

We left Dublin Airport on the first Sunday of the mid-term, with our duty free size bars of chocolate, playing musical chairs on the plane in an attempt not be stuck beside a teacher for the flight.

On arriving in Hautlac, the ski resort, a coach was sent to pick us up. Two hours later, a very tired, sweaty and confused haggle of students stumbled into the Haut-Lac centre.

That night we were fitted with ski boots, skis and poles and given our house teams. No one slept that night. The next day the real fun began.

We had to get a train to the slopes from which you could see houses with three to four feet of snow on the roofs and mountains, like the ones off the River Rock water bottle. Being a beginner, I spent the whole day either head first in the snow or in some kind of bizarre and painful splits position!

However, the same could be said for the advanced groups, as everyone needed to find their ski legs again.

The snow was simply perfect. It was everywhere, and we were lucky enough to get the extra snowfall on the mountain side which was so powdery that you couldn't see anything from your knees down at times.

The craic in the hotel was endless, especially in the games rooms (in which there were four pool tables, three football tables, an air hockey table and an ungodly amount of playstations). The Kilkenny school we shared the hotel with were a great laugh too and that added to the spirit of fun we were having.

The day before our departure, we had all progressed enough to go on at least a red slope and some went as far as a black slope.

Back home everyone was buzzing with stories, quotes and comparing bruises. As good as it was to be back in my own bed, I still couldn't help but miss the slopes of Switzerland. Roll on next year.

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