Sunday 25 August 2019

Size matters when choosing backpack

Anna Coogan

The backpack was once the humble symbol of the budget traveller.

In the Nineties it was also fashionable for urban commuters to wear small backpacks so they could read on buses and trains in the knowledge that their personal items were secure.

Now, Debenhams has seen a 114 per cent increase in sales of backpacks – heralding a return of hands-free travelling, whether the backpack is utilitarian or more trendy.

Industry observers attribute the increase in sales of backpacks to the use of smartphones, as backpacks leave the wearer's hands free to text, tweet, or surf the internet. According to fashion insiders, the secret to this look is to remember that size matters.

Debenhams' head of accessories design, Natelle Baddeley, explains: "Too small and you look like you are still stuck in the Nineties, too big and you may be mistaken for an actual backpacker!

"The key size is medium. Get that right and the wonderful versatility of the backpack is immediately apparent."

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