Saturday 16 December 2017

Sheep View: Camera-toting sheep put Faroe Islands on the map


Pól Ó Conghaile

Pól Ó Conghaile

Think the Wild Atlantic Way is remote? Try the Faroe Islands, where maps are being filmed with the help of sheep.

Google Street View has mapped much of the planet. Famously, however, the high-tech service has skipped the Faroe Islands... until now.

It's all thanks to Durita Andreassen and her sheep.

Andreassen, from the remote North Atlantic archipelago, has used sheep equipped with solar-powered cameras to create her own 'SheepView360'.

Following the launch of her project, thousands of people urged Google to make the Faroe Islands a part of Google Street View.

Their efforts have been successful - Google has finally decided to help.

A sheep snacks as it maps the Faroe Islands. Photo:
A sheep snacks as it maps the Faroe Islands. Photo:
Durita Andreassen and her sheep. Photo:

Recently, a Google Maps team arrived to help islanders put their home on its map, with the support of the Street View Camera Loan Program.

Faroese people now have a Street View Trekker and a fleet of 360 cameras to help capture more (but slightly less woolly) imagery of the archipelago.

"When we started this project, we wanted Google Street View available in the Faroe Islands so we could share our beautiful country with the world, and with all the people who do not have the means to visit," Andreassen says.

"During the process, we fell in love with our own woolly version of Street View, so we're delighted that Google has decided to help us continue on the same path."

Sheep are helping to map the Faroe Islands. Photo:
Sheep are helping to map the Faroe Islands. Photo:

From here, the Faroese people will use sheep, bikes, backpacks, cars, kayaks, ships and even wheelbarrows to create the Street View maps.

Visitors can join in too - the Visit Faroe Islands office in Tórshavn and Atlantic Airways at the airport are lending Google cameras to anyone who wishes to help.

Faroe Islands Facts

  • Population: 49,188
  • Number of sheep (circa): 80,000
  • Number of islands: 18
  • Total area: 1,396 km
  • Faroe Islands means: 'The Sheep Islands'

Get there

Atlantic Airways ( flies from Edinburgh, London, Denmark, Rejkyavik and Norway to the Faroe Islands. Flights are approximately two hours.

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