Wednesday 21 March 2018

‘Ryanaired’ journalist claims victory

British journalist Bryony Gordon has claimed victory and branded Ryanair’s request to hand over the keys and contents of her flat as a publicity stunt.

Bryony wagered her flat and its contents that nobody has ever said the words “Ryanair”, “marvellous” and “service” in the same sentence.

Ryanair, never one to shy away from a PR opportunity, had emailed Bryony an address to send the keys of her flat to, on the basis that it receives thousands of letters each year from satisfied customers.

She describes herself as being ‘Ryanaired’ in her newspaper column:

"This verb has many definitions: to be charged a prohibitive amount to check in a bag; to have scratch cards forced upon you like lucky heather; to scramble for a remaining seat in the aviation equivalent of musical chairs and now, I discover a new meaning."

Bryony resisted the suggestion to send her keys to an address 10 miles away from the destination requested, instead claiming victory on a technicality, as none of the nine letters on Ryanair’s feedback website, feature the words "Ryanair", "marvellous" and "service" in the same sentence.

She did, however, concede that as an opinion writer being ‘Ryanaired’ wasn't completely undeserved:

'If you spend your professional life sounding off about things, then you must expect, at some point, for someone to sound off about you. Ryanair have served me a taste of my own medicine and wonderfully, they haven't even charged me for it.'

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