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Ryanair to offer flyers reserved seating -- at a price

SCRAMBLING for a seat on a Ryanair plane will become a thing of the past for passengers who are willing to pay extra.

The budget airline is beginning a trial which will offer passengers the chance to reserve seating, but as usual with Ryanair it will come at a price.

The airline has long operated a policy where passengers sit wherever they like, but this has been the bane of the lives of many air travellers, particularly large groups who want to be seated together.

Now passengers will be able to reserve seats costing €10 each way -- although these reservations will be limited to the two front rows and the two rows over the wings.

The cost would add €100 to the price for a family of five who want to book seats together when they travel on their holidays this summer.

And passengers under 16 years of age or of reduced mobility can only reserve seats in the second row because of safety restrictions. The reserved seating system will be trialled on its Dublin-Malaga and Dublin-Gatwick routes from May 16.

Ryanair said that if the new service proved popular they would roll it out on some other routes in coming months.

Irish Independent