Sunday 22 April 2018

Ryanair seeks journalist’s ‘flat and contents’

Ryanair has confirmed that it is seeking possession a British journalist’s ‘flat and contents’ after she wagered them against anyone who could show that Ryanair passengers enjoyed their flights.

In an article last week, Bryony Gordon of The Telegraph wrote: ‘You never hear anybody casually mention that they have just flown with Ryanair, and that they really enjoyed it. I am willing to bet my flat and its contents that nobody has ever said the words “Ryanair”, “marvellous” and “service” in the same sentence’.

Ryanair says it receives thousands of letters each year from satisfied customers and publishes a small selection of these satisfaction letters on its website. It has now provided Bryony with the details of these web-pages and says it is seeking the keys to her flat.

However, a quick search of their feedback page for the word 'marvellous' shows 'phrase not found', so maybe Bryony's flat is safe for now.

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