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Review: A digital detox at Monart that really is worth the hype

Reader Travel Awards 2018

Monart Spa
Monart Spa
Relaxing at Monart...
Monart: Voted Ireland's favourite spa for 2018
Monart spa at night
Monart Destination Spa
Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride checks into Monart – voted Ireland's favourite spa in our Reader Travel Awards 2018. And yes, it lives up to the hype...

Set the Mood

This was my third time to Monart so I know what to expect.

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Posted by Travel on Sunday, January 28, 2018

After a dazzling first trip, I’ve made an informal pact with myself to try and visit once a year. So far, so good. On arrival, guests are transported to an alternate universe where there’s no Wi-Fi or newspapers (except in the main house) and white robes are the uniform du jour, regardless of where or who you are. It’s also an adults-only environment.

While checking in, we are enveloped in some rare winter afternoon sunshine through the glass windows surrounding reception... more resembling a  luxurious wellness centre in Thailand than private premises a few kilometres outside Enniscorthy.

Guilty Pleasure

iw unnamed_1.jpg
Five-star: Monart Spa in Co Wexford offers a five-day detox programme which has a strict ban on sugar and alcohol 

Monart is considered among the best spas in the world and it’s easy to see why with one glance at its world-class facilities.

Over a three day stay, I indulged in two treatments: a Deep Tissue Massage (€115) to work through the knots in my back (of which there are many), and a Swedish massage (€85) the following day to soothe my aching muscles.

In addition to the Thermal Suite (above), guests are invited to lose hours by reading in the relaxation rooms – ideal for those days when you both want, and need, to escape from the outside world.

Mobile phones aren’t permitted - and even if you do sneak a status update or two, the signal is so purposely weak that it’s not worth trying.

And really, there is no better feeling than sitting with your feet soaking in a hot footbath reading a good book, knowing the rest of the world will be just as it was when you’re ready to return to it after checkout.

Cheap Kick

Monart 2018.JPG
Monart: Voted Ireland's favourite spa for 2018

If you’re not ready for the spa party to end after check-out, guests can avail of the facilities for three additional hours in order to maximise that relaxation time.

The 2,000-square foot spa boasts nine thermal rooms, which have been modelled off a heating and cooling bathing ritual. They advise two hours to immerse yourself in everything.

Fitness classes are also included in the price of your hotel stay, with small, but impressive, gym facilities.

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Top Tip

xBath @ MONART_.jpg
Relaxing at Monart...

Monart are always hosting great offers, but the best finds are available mid-week. So if you can snag a few days off work or move things around with the kids, you’ll get the exact same service at a cheaper price.

The three-day Monart Life programme, for example, includes food, treatments, individual evaluations and a personal trainer for €479pps. Day spa packages are also available with six hours spa access and a treatment for €125.

There are also plenty of options vailable for unique cases like mums-to-be, and specially trained therapists are available for cancer patients.


Even the basic rooms are substantially sized like mini-suites, with a seating area, table and chairs and a king size bed that even Louis XIV would be comfortable in.

However, these beautiful rooms aren’t soundproofed, which means you can hear everyone entering and exiting their rooms... and they aren’t particularly quiet about it.

Get Me There
Monart Spa

Monart is approximately five minutes’ drive from Enniscorthy town centre and can be accessed by train, bus and car. Taxis are limited, so I would suggest pre-booking in advance of your arrival time or, ideally, driving.

Room prices start at €179pps  including dinner and breakfast, plus one treatment and full access to the thermal suite.

Call 053 923-8999 or visit for more.

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