Sunday 25 August 2019

Raise a glass to bubbles of a different kind

Anna Coogan

HOW often have you left behind a bottle of wine you really wanted, and yet were afraid it would break in your suitcase and stain your clothes, never mind leaving them reeking of alcohol into eternity.

WineSkin is genius in how it helps ardent wine lovers, in that it is a leak-proof transport system for wine – meaning that that special bottle of wine you got on holidays at a very special price can now most definitely be enjoyed once you're back home.

You simply take your bottle of vino, and insert it into the bottle-shaped bubble wrap bag and seal it up air-tight. The idea is that the bubbles prevent the bottle from breaking in-flight.

Yet, if you do hit some ridiculously bad turbulence and your bag gets thrown around unmercifully – and the bottle does the highly unlikely thing of actually cracking inside the bubble bag – well, then the seal prevents any liquid from leaking out and ruining your clothes.

The price for a five pack of wineskins is approximately €10.

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