Saturday 20 January 2018

Pictures: Sign Language

<b>Eat with your feet</b><br/>
<b>Location: </b>Chinese restaurant in Brussels <br/>
<b>Spotted by:</b> Lizzie Osbourn </p>

Eat with your feet
Location: Chinese restaurant in Brussels
Spotted by: Lizzie Osbourn

Hold your nose
Location: Lech, Austria
Spotted by: Mike and Alison Thirlwall

I'll pass, thanks
Location: Beijing
Spotted by: Rachael McGuinness

Location: South Africa
Spotted by: Thomas Kerr

Driven to distraction
Location: Accra, Ghana
Spotted by: Geoffrey Mugan

Wash before use
Location: Darjeeling
Spotted by: Jeremy Smith

Private property
Location: Hanoi
Spotted by: Barry O'Connell

Aussie rules
Location: South Australia
Spotted by: Peter Hobbs

Your final check-up
Location: California
Spotted by: James Brewer

Office joker
Location: Toronto
Spotted by: Vic Sofras

Blinking useless
Location: Kuala Lumpur
Spotted by: Andy Hollingworth

Do you come here often?
Location: Slovakia
Spotted by: Dan Sellers

Who's Heather?
Dubrovnik hotel
Spotted by: Sally Madgwick

Private road
Location: Germany
Spotted by: Alma Verbunt

Plenty of storage
Spotted by: Steve Liptrot

On your bike
Location: Malawi
Spotted by: Colin McCulloch

Barking up the wrong tree
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Spotted by: Philip Hellawell

Serf and turf
Location: Knebworth, Hertfordshire
Spotted by: Dave Hill

Humps and lumps
Location: Rotterdam
Spotted by: Jonathan Wheeler

Being jobless is the pits
Location: Croydon
Spotted by: Geoffrey Cox

Strange signs from around the world

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