Sunday 27 May 2018

On the Dali trail

Nicola Brady

From the loaves of bread stuck to the side of the Dali Theatre Museum to a tour of his private residence in Port Lligat, there's no escaping the surrealist artist in Catalonia.

Salvador Dali was born in Figueres, which is 40 minutes from Girona and the perfect starting point for a surrealist tour.

Begin at the Dali Theatre Museum, which is packed full of paintings, sculptures and spectacle. Arrive early to avoid the jostling masses, particularly in the summer months.

Around the corner from the museum is the rather nondescript Hotel Duran. Though bland-looking from the outside, the interior is a grand salute to Dali, and was one of his favourite haunts.

His private dining room is often reserved, but ask for a peek into the back room where he entertained famous faces (and ploughed through the plentiful wine cellar). Stay for a divine meal in the main room.

Hardcore fans should pay a visit to Port Lligat, where Dali spent his later years. Eight people at a time are given a tour of his private dwellings, where he lived with his muse and wife, Gala.

Finish up in nearby Cadaques, and stare out at the landscape that inspired so many of his paintings.

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