Need some space? Video shows how to pack 100 items into hand luggage

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Amy Mulvaney

In a new video, former Bond Girl Rachel Grant shows how to pack over 100 items into a carry-on suitcase.

Trying to squeeze a week’s worth of clothes into even a check-in bag can be a struggle for some, never mind trying to downsize to hand luggage.

However, Former Bond Girl Rachel Grant has shown how to pack over 100 items into a small carry on bag - in a video for luggage company, Biaggi.

She packs a rail of clothes, clothes that were laid out over two beds, toiletries, a sun hat and a pair of heels into the bag, without having to straddle it and get someone else to zip it up.

Rachel’s tips include:

Use zip lock bags, packing cubes (a small, lightweight zip bag) and elastic bands to store clothes

Roll clothes to save space

Stuff shoes with folded socks

Keep shoes together with elastic bands

Fold similar shaped clothes together

Pack lightweight fabrics

Put heavier items at the bottom of the bag