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My holiday in: Tuscany

Where I went

I went to Tuscany in Italy with my entire family. My granny, aunts, uncle and cousins came. There were 14 of us altogether.

Where we stayed

We stayed in a villa near a tiny village called Villa Roggio. Our house was up a very steep and winding hill. My mammy was scared going up the hill so she used to get out of the car and walk from the village!

What we saw

We went to Pisa and saw the Leaning Tower. We also saw a very old bridge called the Devil's Bridge in a town nearby.

We went to an old town called Lucca and cycled along the city walls. Every night we saw lots of glittering fireflies.

What we ate

We had a barbecue most nights and went to some lovely restaurants.

I liked the pizzas and the gelato (ice-cream).

Every morning, a lady came to the village and sold lovely fresh bread. I liked that.

What I liked most

I liked our swimming pool the best because we had it all to ourselves. I used to go down there every morning before breakfast.

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