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My Holiday in: France

Where we went

I went to France on the Oscar Wilde. We drove down to a little village called St Hilaire du Riez. I went with my mam and dad, my two sisters, Eva and Hannah, and my brother David.

Where we stayed

We stayed in a lovely campsite Le Clarys Plage. There were nine water slides and there were three different pools. There was a fabulous playground and a restaurant where there was entertainment every night.

What we did there

Every day we went swimming in the pool on the nearby beach. We built sandcastles and I went bodyboarding in the clear water. We went for walks up and down the beach and on the way we collected lovely shells. We went zip-wiring in the nearby forest which was so much fun.

What we saw

We went on a safari in a park called Planet Sauvage where we saw the big five.

What we ate

Every day we loved to buy French food from the local market and we barbecued most nights. We tried mussels, hake, brochettes (kebabs) and paella.

What I liked most

I liked the zip-wiring the best and I loved going for barbecues with our friends and water fights.

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