Monday 22 January 2018

My holiday in: France

Fiona Kelly (9)

Where I went

I went to St Hilaire de Riez in the Vendée.

Where I stayed

I stayed in a caravan park called Les écureuils (The Squirrels) with my parents, brother Eddie and sister Jenny. My granny came with us as well. My cousins from Adare stayed in the same park.

What I did

Every day we went swimming in the pools in the park and in the beautiful local beaches. One day we went to visit Château d'Apremont, a stunning castle with a beautiful garden where we did a treasure hunt and watched a fencing show.

My favourite thing

The day we went to see a mechanical elephant in the city of Nantes. It was amazing. The elephant sprayed water on us with his trunk. It was a wonderful experience.

What I ate

I usually ate pizzas. I loved the crêpes. My favourite drink of all was Orangina. Dad enjoyed the fish.

What I didn't like

One day we went to a beach called Les Sables d'Olonne. When we went swimming in the sea, the water stung us.

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